Raleigh Group Fitness | Marbles Winter Workout | Nieto Photography

Ashely and Brittany leading the Raleigh Group Fitness Winter Workout warm up at Marbles Kids Museum.

Raleigh Group Fitness

Ashley and Brittany

Back in late January, I received an email from Ashley and Brittany. They are the leaders of a Raleigh area fitness organization called Raleigh Group Fitness. They were looking for a photographer for an upcoming event in February. The event was Raleigh Group Fitness’s first 2018 pop-up workout, and it was taking place inside of Marbles Kids Museum. I had never heard of Raleigh Fitness Group, but any event involved with Marbles Kids Museum will always get my interest. Ashley and Brittany described themselves as “wellness #fitfluencers” in the Raleigh area. Raleigh Group Fitness provides resources for fitness, wellness tips, special events, and ongoing fitness opportunities. You can follow Raleigh Group Fitness on Instagram and Facebook @raleighgroupfitness.

guest checking in at Marbles Kids Museum for the winter workout
workout guest mingling before the Raleigh Group Fitness event starts
Big Kids Corps working the raffle table during the check in at the winter workout event

Big Kids Corps

After meeting with Ashley and Brittany and learning more about Raleigh Group Fitness and Marbles Big Kids Corps, I had the feeling that this event was going to be something special. Marbles’ Big Kids Corps volunteers are on a mission to be the “most playful volunteers in town.” The members volunteer their time and talents to a wide variety of museum events, fundraisers, and community programs all year long. The donations from the pop-up event are going towards purchasing tickets for children who can’t afford to come to the museum.

Kara from Marbles Kids Museum welcoming all the guest to the Raleigh Group Fitness winter work out
Brittany of Raleigh Group Fitness giving instructions before the start of the warm up work out

Marbles Winter Workout

The day of the winter workout came. The turn out was unbelievable. Over 150 people turned out and raised more than $1000 for Marbles Full Access program. The enthusiasm and energy at the event were strong from start to finish; probably stronger at the end, with the raffle prizes.

Brittany Guerin running in place during the warm up routine at Marbles Kids Museum
Ashely and Brittany leading the Raleigh Group Fitness Winter Workout warm up at Marbles Kids Museum.
Raleigh group fitness guest at Marbles kids Museum stretching during their cool down time
workout guest stretching with their hands in the air during the cool down period of the Raleigh group fitness winter workout
Ashley Liu Kirkman getting the guest motivated during the warm up in the main room of Marbles Kids Museum.
close up of woman working out during the Raleigh Group Fitness winter work out
wide shot of the workout guest warming up in Marbles Kids Museum
Brittany leading the Raleigh Group Fitness warm up at Marbles Kids Museum

To get a different perspective on the whole event, I decided to set up a time-lapse of the workout sessions. It turned out better than I had hoped.

Group Breakout

Everyone that attended was given a colored sticker at check-in. After the introductions and warm up they were split into three groups according to their sticker color. Ashley led the main room, Brittany was in the Zanzibar room, and Conner, of F45 Training, was on the stair loop. Each group spent fifteen minutes with each instructor. The instructors’ passion and enthusiasm for wellness and fitness were palpable. One of the highlights of the event had to be the legendary Raleigh DJ Joe Bunn, of Bunn DJ. His music kept the workout going at a great pace. He knew exactly what to play for each circuit and even the cooldown times. Every great work out needs a soundtrack, and Joe Bunn created that for all the guest.

brittany standing in the middle of the guest who are planking during workout
guest of Raleigh Group Fitness laying on the floor in the Zanzibar room stretching
Brittany Guerin leading a strength work out at marbles Kids Museum
Conner of F45 Fitness jumping the air while he gives instructions
Ashley Liu Kirkman of raleigh group fitness counting down during one of the work out circuits
Joe Bunn of Bunn DJ company playing music against a red wall
Workout guest jumping in synch during the winter work out
Ashley Liu Kirkman jumping in the air while she is leading a workout circuit for Raleigh Group Fitness
Conner from f45 fitness high giving workout guest as the pass by him
Raleigh Group Fitness guest high stepping her legs during the main room work out at Marbles Museum
Runners running the stair loops at Marbles Kids Museum during the Raleigh Group Fitness workout
work out guest jumping with her hands in the air during the winter workout
workout guest doing pushups together during the Raleigh Group Fitness event
ariel view of Raleigh Group Fitness guest doing push ups
workout guest jumping together during the Raleigh Group Fitness workout
Woman doing jumping jacks during the work out routine from Raleigh Group Fitness

The Cool Down

After a great group cool down, all the guests went to the Zanzibar room for refreshments, to mingle, to check out all the raffle prizes, and get their swag bags. Even after the intense workout, the energy of the room was still high. Being my first pop-up workout with Raleigh Group Fitness, I was impressed. Not only with their professionalism but also their love for the people. Their genuineness and caring translated to everything they did at the event, whether leading a workout, giving out raffle prizes, or just a quick high five. The area is fortunate to have an organization like Raleigh Group Fitnesses and to have its two compassionate leaders, Brittany and Ashley.

Ashley Liu Kirkman stretching out in front of a yellow wall during the cool down period of the Winter workout event at Mar
group shot of people stretching during the cool down session at Marbles Kids Museum.
Cool down time in the main room at marbles museum during the Raleigh Group Fitness winter workout
wide shot of the main room during the cool down session of Raleigh Group Fitnesses winter workout
the guest clapping at the end of the workout session at Marbles Kids Museum
Big Kids Corps working the raffle table and laughing at Marbles Kids Museum
raleigh group fitness guest taking a selfie with Joe Bunn and ashley after the workout
work out guest receiving her raffle prize from Whole Foods
work out guest holding her raffle prize and smiling for the camera
Guest holding her swag bag and raffle win at Marbles Kids Museum
Brittany Guerin of Raleigh Group Fitness hugging one of the workout guest
group shot of Ashley Liu Kirkman, brittany, and Conner smiling in front of the yellow wall at Marbles Kids Museum.