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black and white image of the groom and bride looking at each other in front of an ivy background

Backyard Garden Wedding – Greg and Mary

A backyard wedding is perfect for the bride who loves sentimentality. Mary and Greg chose to have their backyard garden wedding at Mary’s childhood home. Saying their “I do’s” where she spent her formative years. That added a greater value to their wedding day pictures. Surrounded by family portraits and heirlooms gave Mary a level of relaxation and comfort that would not have happened at a traditional venue. There was no running around looking for forgotten details left at the hotel or in the car. With her parent’s backyard as the ceremony setting, Mary had planned a beautiful backyard garden wedding.

detail image of the rings and brides garter on a wooden table top
groom looking at the bride as the bride looks at the camera
drink koozies with the bride and grooms names and wedding date printed on them
cake decorated by succulents and small flowers
close up of a white cake decorated with succulents and small flowers
table top decor from the backyard wedding
small appetizers on display for guest at the wedding reception

Wedding Day Preparations

The day started out sunny and hot, with a few clouds in the sky. Mary began her day early with Kristi from Wink Hair and Makeup. She was kept away from any stress of the day by her personal coordinator, Andrew, her sister, and her soloists, Marie Mbra.

black and white image of the hairstylist working on the brides hair
mother of the bride and the bride smiling at each other
close up of a makeup artist putting makeup on the brides eye
detail shot of the brides hair braids
bridal sitting on her parents couch posing for a portrait with her bouquet in hand
bride and her young bridesmaids sitting together on a piano stool
a bridal portrait with all the bridesmaids and bride sitting beside each other
bride and her matron of honor sitting in a parlor chair laughing together
the bride and her coordinator sitting for a portrait
bridesmaids and bride posing for a formal portrait in the family living room

Greg Relaxed. When it came time for formal portraits, he, his best man, and his brothers, they had a great time. The backdrop of greenery and garden proved to be most fortunate. Once the rain came down, it allowed all the wedding colors to pop for the ceremony and portraits.

groom and groomsmen posing for a portrait in front of a piano
groom with his family for a portrait
black and white image of the groomsmen acting up
groom and his groomsmen posing for a portrait with their arms around each other
groom smiling as he poses for a solo portrait before his backyard wedding ceremony
groom posing with his best man for a portrait
groom and his brothers posing for a portrait under the arbor for his backyard garden wedding

Anna and Brett

Some brides have teams of wedding planners and vendors working around the clock to prepare for the day. Greg and Mary had Brett and Anna Yarborough. The played the roles of host, landscapers, catering, chauffeurs, and parents of the bride. They went above and beyond and could have easily been confused for hired event staff.

mother of the bride trimming the yard floral center piece
father of the groom placing out appetizers before the wedding ceremony


No garden wedding would be complete without a harpist. Anita Burroughs-Price provided a calming atmosphere for the ceremony and reception. Even with all the rain, she was able to move indoors and serenader the guest during cocktail hour.

harpist playing at side at the backyard garden wedding
close up of harpist hands playing the harp

Backyard Garden Wedding Ceremony

Mary’s backyard garden wedding ceremony was free of rain, until the kiss. A thunderclap came down and shook the ground. It provided a great end to the ceremony. Within a few seconds after Mary and Greg were in the house we had another torrential downpour. Thankfully the house was perfect for portraits.

wide view of the ceremony site for a backyard garden wedding
father of the bride leading his daughter down stairs to her backyard garden wedding
groom overcome with emotion as he sees the bride for the first time as she comes down the aisle
father smiling as he walks away from the altar
wedding guest looking on as the ceremony takes place
full shot of the wedding party during the backyard garden wedding ceremony
bride and groom golding hands and bowing their heads during the prayer
bride smiling at groom as they listen to the soloist
soloist signing during the wedding ceremony
bride and groom kissing at the end of their ceremony with the wedding party smiling and clapping
close up of bride and groom kissing
formal family portrait in the family living room of bride and groom and the brides family
groom and bride sitting in the parlor of her parents house posing for a portrait as it rains outside
mother of the bride and her daughters picking her up and laughing
mother of the groom and bride and groom posing for a portrait
bridal party portrait with groom and bride kissing
bride and groom kissing under a willow tree
bride and groom holding hands posing for a portrait smiling
bride and groom kissing under the arbor where they got married
groom kissing the bride on the cheek as she looks back at the camera
bride and groom touching foreheads as the bride holds the grooms hand with both her hands

Dance in the Rain

As the night ended, Greg and Mary danced in the rain.

bride and groom dancing in the rain together
bride and groom dancing in the rain together as the groom pics her up

Wedding Vendors

Hair and Makeup – Kristi with Wink
Harpist – Anita Burroughs-Price
Cake – Once in a Blue Moon
Flowers – Every Blooming Thing
                                                                                Soloist – Marie Mbra                                                                                  Officiant: Kelli Walker-Jones
Photographer – Nieto Photography
2nd Photographer – Nikki W