Raleigh Fitness Portraits

An Editorial Approach to Athletic Portraits

Raleigh Fitness Portraits

     I have been shooting athletic and fitness portraits for the past few years. With more than 12 years of shooting weddings, portrait photography comes easily. Fitness portraits take wedding photography skills to another level. Where wedding portraiture is mainly reliant on facial expressions, athletic photography requires not only the facial expression but the body and muscle reaction.

     Fitness photography is saturated with cell phone images and sub-par portraiture. My goal when shooting your athletic pictures is that no one will ever confuse them for being shot on a cell phone. I want to take your concept and expectations to a higher level. My approach is to have an editorial look to your portrait session. With lighting, posing, and camera skills, you will walk away from your session knowing you will have magazine quality pictures.

Older fitness model working out with Golds Gym shirt on

Fitness Shoot Prep Tips

Bring a Friend:

A friend can be the difference between a good shot and an awesome shoot. They can be your moral support or be there to make sure your hair is the way you want it. It’s always great to have someone cheering you on during a photo shoot.


 Time of Day: Just like everything in life, planning is crucial. Yo know when your body looks the best and when it does not. Schedule your shoot when you are going to look your best. If that’s at five in the morning, let’s shoot at five in the morning.

     Stress: Stress is a significant factor in life and seems to be what photoshoots are to most people. You don’t want to treat your portrait session as a stressor. I tell my clients to see this as a fun event, maybe have a little liquid courage.

     Concept: What message are you trying to convey with your Raleigh fitness portraits? Are you looking for a meditative/ contemplative theme or are you going for a more intense “bear fishing for salmon” theme? Having a concept to set as a goal will ensure you are happy with your images. No matter how complicated or straightforward your portrait concept, I can help you achieve it.

Hair & Makeup:

You want to look your best! Hire a professional to help you look your best.

Location Location Location:

Part of the planning stage is coming up with a shooting location. Are you looking for a studio look or do you want to shoot on location?

Studio / Gym: For studio shoots, there is no better location than The White Space at Portico Pictures. This studio has no limits, I have shot everything from volleyball to ballet. If you want more of a gym atmosphere, there are several in the area we may be able to get access to.

     Outdoor: Looking for the outdoors or an urban decay backdrop for your shoot? If you are in North Carolina, you are in luck. From the Eno River to downtown Raleigh, to the southern beaches. The backdrop you desire is out there for your Raleigh Fitness Portraits.

Woman down a standing row as her hair blows while she poses for a fitness portrait
dancer jumping in the air dressed in black with a white cloth
dancer posing with a red cloth while dressed in red
model posing in front of grey background for fitness portrait
black and white image of a Raleigh Fitness Portraits of a woman doing yoga
man lifting a kettle bell as he does lunges
man jump kicking in the air in a field
woman prating on a Lyra in studio
man posing on a black background while flexing holding a weightlifting plate
man doing bicep curls with a dumbbell that's on fire
man posing for a fitness portrait in a warehouse
woman stretching out in a split in a white room
man doing a jump push up in the White space studio
Softball player posing for a portrait while holding a battle rope
woman on ariel silks in the middle of the woods posing for a fitness portrait
Woman jumping for an athletic portrait in durham nc
woman silhouetted against the sky as she dances with a ball
woman in red yoga pants working out doing pilates
man on yoga board in a pool working out with a kettle bell in Raleigh
woman jumping in the air with her shadows behind her in different colors
ballet dancer throwing flour in the air for her portrait
woman smiling as she works-out on the battle ropes in the Eno River in Durham NC
Man on the battle ropes posing for a raleigh fitness portrait
woman working out on the battle ropes in the Eno River posing for a fitness portrait
fitness portrait of a man doing a forearm stand in the White Space studio
Yoga In the road with Mary Yarborough
Fitness competitor posing in the Eno River for a athletic portrait
Fitness model looking off in the distance as he is chopping wood

Thank you for visiting my athletic portfolio page. If you would like to see more fitness portraits, please follow these links:

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