Art in Bloom! 

Flowers | makeup | Hair

Artists Being Creative Together

I wanted the opportunity to shoot flowers that weren’t in a bouquet or a flower crown. I love flower crowns, but I tend to shoot those a lot at weddings and styled shoots. This project unintentionally grew out of my Bridal Decrepitude Project with makeup artist Kristi Martinson, of Wink Hair & Makeup. After seeing her do some amazing work with rose petals, “Bloom!” was born. It evolved into a collaborative project with several hair stylists, florist, models, and makeup artist. The only guideline was that they couldn’t do flower crowns and then let them create whatever they wanted with each model.

Flowers! Who Needs Them?

The entire project would have never gotten off the ground without the donations of all the florals. Some never knew they donated the flowers because I was gifted them from brides, after their weddings. I was given a range of flowers and greenery, and each time the artist stepped up and created a great look on the models. Usually, I wouldn’t know what flowers I was getting until the morning of the shoot. With one of the florals I was at an event, and before I left, I was offered a few of the centerpieces. While driving home I was able to put together a model, a hair stylist, and makeup artist to shoot the next day at 11 am.

Dreams Come True

I consider myself a very small time photographer, and I always dreamed of doing big creative photoshoots. I never really expect to be able to accomplish any of my concepts. Without the help of amazing artist, I would probably still be dreaming. Not one person “phoned in” their contribution. Just to mention a few people: the ladies from Wink stayed up till the early morning hours designing a floral collar, Allie Carter created a necklace out of cabbage leaves, and Alexis Ripley took wildflowers and makeup to build a botanical mohawk with pollen and dirt. I was amazed by everyone’s attention to detail, whether it was a simple look or a large headdress.


Makeup – Impact Artistry

Flowers – Southern Petals

Flower and Hair Design – Alli Carter

Model – Leah Lewis

Shot on location at Cedar Grove Acres


Makeup Artist – Ashley Bromirski

Hair and Flower Styling – Jason Shoop

Florist – The English Garden

Model – Abby Akins

Male model with flower mask and rose in hand while wearing a blue shirt


Hair and Makeup: Impact Artistry – Adrienne Duterte 

Flowers – Southern Petals

Model –  Joe K

male model holding a rose with petals all around his face
Male model with flower mask and rose in his hand
Male model with rose in his hand and flower mask against dark wall


Hair and Make Up – Naomi Yata

Flowers Donated By – North Raleigh Florist

Model – Madi Lancaster

Model with Purple flower crown and neck piece
Model in black dress in green make up and purple flowers looking left
Model in black dress in green make up and purple flowers
Model in black dress in green make up and purple flowers looking right


Hair / Makeup / Floral Design & Collar

Wink Hair + Makeup (Kristi and Kristal)

Flowers Donated By – Southern Petals

Model – Sabelle Olsen


Hair / Makeup – Krista Massey

Flowers – North Raleigh Florist

Shot on location at the Raleigh Rose Garden in Raleigh

Model – Emma Zwahr


Hair / Makeup – Krista Massey

Flowers – Knots & Such

Shot on location at Vidrio in Raleigh

Model – Shannon Capuano

Gowns provided by Gilded Bridal

Gown Designers:


Hair / Makeup – Krista Massey

Flowers – Southern Petals

Shot on location at The Raleigh Little Theater

Model – Nick Freitas


Hair and Makeup: Alexis Ripley

Flowers – North Raleigh Florist

Model –  Lexy Cole

Model – Alexis Ripley

Model – Annabelle Treiber


Makeup / Hair – Sofiah Hassouneh

Flowers – The Purple Poppy

Shot on location in the Raleigh Rose Garden


Hair and Makeup: Bello Viso

Flowers – North Raleigh Florist

Model –  IVH

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