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Raleigh family photography portrait in doors with a family of six sitting on a couch smiling

Raleigh Family Photography

Every family is different! Let your family portrait show your difference. From the casual outdoor picture to the studio portrait or from the big to the small family. Not every look fits every family. Whether it be because of age, the number of people, schedules or weather. Raleigh family photography has a lot of options when it comes to locations and styles. Nieto Photography can help you make the right decision for your next family portrait session.

family of four posing on their back porch smiling for their Raleigh family portrait

The comfort of your own Home

Having a beautiful backdrop for your family portrait is always a big priority. Sometimes life happens, and the weather is terrible. Too hot or too cold or rain for 30 days straight. North Carolina has great weather and some times it doesn’t. Do you have a newborn or a little child that can make it impossible to get out of the house? Sometimes it is best just to stay home and have your picture shot in the comfort of your own house.

adult family in their back yard being crazy posing for a summer portrait

Studio or Couch

There are a few options when it comes to family portraits in the home. If you want posed pictures and group shots, making space in ones living room, deck, or nursery is a perfect choice. You have the ease of not worrying about forgetting anything at home.

little boy standing in his crib as his mother stands beside him smiling
family posing in front of a Christmas tree being crazy except for the little boy and dad

You might think that your house would not make for an excellent backdrop to your pictures. Then the next option is to bring the studio to you. I can set up a backdrop in your living room or kitchen with a little notice. There is no worry about having a perfectly clean house when you have an in-home studio portrait.

little boy jumping with a cape on very happily
little boy jumping off the ground with a green cape on

If you want you can even finger paint on the backdrop.

Family Lifestyle

There is also the option of a family lifestyle session. This type of shoot would be a little more planned and purposeful to ensure a fantastic experience. The goal is to show the daily routine of your family during the morning or afternoon. As your photographer, I would be a fly on the wall in your daily home life.

dad grabbing after his little girl as she crawls away from him

Back Yard – Front Yard Family Portraits

A big part of family photography is capturing your life. Catching where you spend the majority of the time as a family is very important. Looking back in ten or twenty years you will want to see where your children rode their bicycles or played ball. Your front yard and back yard are the perfect spots for these future reminders of days gone by. Spread a blanket out or keep it simple and just sitting in the grass.

family posing for their Raleigh family photography portrait in their front yard with fall leaves around them
family of three posing for a portrait with a pregnant mother in their backyard

Adding to the Family


As a wedding photographer, I get to see first hand the creation of new families. As a family photographer, I get to see the expansion of those families. Maternity portraits are a great way to document your ever-growing family. Whether it is the mother by herself, mom and dad, or the whole family together. It’s an opportunity to see the transition of the family.

pregnant woman dressed in white posing for her Raleigh maternity portrait
woman dressed in blue with her hands on her stomach posing for a maternity picture
black and white image of happy parents posing for a Raleigh maternity portrait
woman posing with her pregnant belly dressed in a blue gown
little girl smiling as she hugs her mothers stomach along with her mother and fathers hand

New Born

At home or in the hospital a newborn portrait session is always a happy time during what can be a very stressful period. This type of portrait session you want to plan pre-birth. It’s essential if you want a hospital session to know if your hospital or birth center allows non-family visitors in the room.

black and white image of a newborn baby boy
black and white image of parents holding their baby
black and white image of a little baby looking at the camera

Newborn portraits at home are great if you want to avoid any stress at the hospital or if you want to show off your nursery and the baby. I would recommend having these portraits scheduled in the first two to three weeks of the babies life. After this time a babies skin can start breaking out with “baby acne” and dry skin.

father in a sweater holding his little baby while standing against a wall
black and white image of a baby boy looking at the camera
newborn girl dressed in pink looking at the camera while laying down

There are several styles of newborn photography. I take the approach of making it a family portrait session with minimal props and a black and white session with the baby solo. I approach the images with a traditional simplicity. If you are in search of a more modern portrait style for your newborn session. I highly recommend Samantha Canal Photography.

little baby sleeping in a basket while wearing a pink flower bow

Other reasons to have a family portrait

Short on time? Make it a mini

If you don’t have time for a full portrait session, the most convenient route is a Spring or Fall mini session. A fifteen-minute session at a local park or green space. I dedicate two weekends a year to mini sessions. It is an ideal time if you have small children or pets that you want in your pictures.

family posed together for a family portrait at Duke Gardens in Durham
family holding hands and smiling for the camera in front of a water fountain with purple light
a mother and daughter kissing with ivy around them
brother and sister sitting in fall leaves smiling or a Raleigh family portrait
baby boy sitting on a blanket looking away from the camera

Make up for Lost Time

Has it been 15 or 20 years since your last portrait? Then its time to fix that with an updated family session. Ask me about my favorite Raleigh family photography locations.

older couple posing for their sixtieth wedding anniversary portrait
family gathered together for a family portrait at the NC Art Museum
people posing on rocks and their dog for raleigh family portrait

To Brag

Do you need to have the best Christmas or Holiday card on the block? Let me get creative with your family. Its a great way to bragging rights on an awesome family portrait.

family of four posing for a crazy portrait in their living room
little girl all over a room posing for a portrait in a bathroom
family of four and their dogs posing for a portrait in their kitchen whole having fun
father and son leaning up against a green car smiling for a portrait
little girl dressed in a little gown as she holds on to a horse
family in their front yard grilling and playing with their puppy

If you have any questions about your own family portrait session please feel free to contact me. I look forward to speaking with you.

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