Bride and groom holding arms and standing under greenery arbor at the Hudson Manor
Wayne and Sarah standing under the arbor at Hudson Manor
couple posing for a portrait at night at The Garden on Millbrook back patio
Jarrod and Caitlin stepping out of their reception to pose for a quick portrait under the lights at the Garden on Millbrook

Raleigh Wedding Photography

Twelve years as a photographer, and primarily shooting Raleigh wedding photography, my ultimate goal is to make the bride and grooms experience one of a kind! From start to finish I want their interaction with me to be relaxed. When they look at the images, they will know they made the right choice in hiring Nieto Photography. Out of all the types of photography I shoot, wedding photography is my favorite. One reason is that the final product will be an heirloom for the new family. The second reason is that the wedding day incorporates so many different aspects of photography. Still life, candid, portraits, action, the wedding day has it all.

Wedding Day Portraits

Portraits are the part of the wedding day that seems to worry and trouble both the bride and the groom. Who will pose us? How long will it take? We are so awkward!  Don’t worry I will take care of you! My job is to make every bride and groom as comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera as possible. When you look back on your portraits, I want your thoughts to be on how easy it was and how relaxed you were. Even though the bride and groom worry about pictures, this is my favorite part of the wedding day, when I get to make the bride and groom look their best.

As for the amount of time for portraits during the wedding day. No wedding is exactly like another. Wedding party size, family size, venue and ceremony site, and travel time are all factors that affect the schedule. I try to get as many formal portraits done before the wedding ceremony that way afterward; we are knocking out family portraits as fast as possible and allowing you to enjoy part of your cocktail hour.

Wedding Day Portrait Tips

Some methods I use to make the wedding day portraits relaxed and feeling unobtrusive:

  • The First Look: This can be a controversial portrait time for a lot of brides and grooms. Do you have to do it? No! Seeing each before the ceremony allows for a more relaxed schedule and makes for some great emotional portraits. It doesn’t have to be bride and groom first look another popular option is the bride and her father.
  • Stealing You:  This is usually during dinner time for either sunset or night time portraits
  • Use Every Moment: Over the years I have learned that using every moment as a possible portrait session makes the day more relaxed. If we are traveling from one site to another or just sitting around waiting for the next planned activity, these make fore perfect impromptu portrait situations

Location, Location, Location!

Whats great about Raleigh wedding photography is the multitude of locations. If you want elegant, country, urban, historical, or modern, the area has it all. If you are getting married in downtown Raleigh, you can have the gamut of locations outside of your wedding venue. Stepping outside of your wedding venue can bring you a world of options. An example is if you are getting married at The Stockroom at 230. Walking out into the road at night will give you the lights of Fayetteville street. Going one block down is the alleyway between the old Raleigh courthouse and a few dozen yards in the other direction is the capital building. All these locals, with planning, can take your portraits to a new level. Whats even better you can get some great candid portraits while walking from place to place. Great Raleigh wedding photography has no limits.

Raleigh Wedding Photography Portfolio

Bride and Groom posing in front of barn to recreate American Gothic portrait
Bride and Groom posing in front of barn as the groom looks at the bride disapprovingly
bride holding onto her grooms neck as he kisses her on the forehead
Venue: Barn at Valhalla
couple kissing in front of the fire pit at Cedar Grove Acres at night
Venue: Cedar Grove Acres
bride and groom posing for their raleigh wedding portraits while sitting at a piano with reflection
couple hugging and touching foreheads while standing in field on a starry night
bride smiling as she is hugging the groom after the wedding ceremony
bride and groom hugging as the stand in the rain under and umbrella at night at the Hudson Manor
Chelsea and Justin standing in the rain at the Hudson Manor after their wedding reception.
raleigh wedding photography portrait of a couple out doors by a pond
bride hugging her groom from behind posing for raleigh wedding photography portrait
Nieto Photography - Wedding Portraits
raleigh wedding photography of bride and groom kissing in front of the red curtains at Melrose Knitting Mill
couple posing for portraits at 21cat the curtains in the ballroom
Bridal party portrait posing at the fountain and pool at Barclay Villa
couple leaning heads into each other while standing in a wheat field
groom leaning his head into his bride while she smiles for the camera
Bride leaning on the grooms shoulder as the wind blows her hair.
bride and groom standing in doorways at the Vintage Church in Raleigh
bride and groom kissing in front of an antique truck at their farm wedding in youngsville, NC
black and white image of the bride and groom holding each other under the brides veil
black and white image of the bride and groom talking to each other as her veil blows in front of the window.
groom showing off his wedding band to his groomsmen inside of Preston Wood Country Club
bride and bridesmaids during hair and make up prep
groom and his groomsman sitting around Issac Hunters tavern in downtown Raleigh
groom smiling for his portrait with his groomsmen behind him at Market Hall

Candid Wedding Photography

Capturing the moments of your day is what I do best! Whether it’s a single tear, a backflip, or just dancing like no one is watching. These are the moments of silliness, of raw emotions, and of timelessness. I want my clients to look back on their wedding day pictures and see the moments they missed or the ones they didn’t even know happened. About eighty percent of the photos I shoot are candids; this allows for most of the day to be a natural outflowing of couples plans. These are the memories you will share with your loved ones for years to come. This page has some of my recent candid wedding photos.

The bride smiling and her hands in the air as she and her husband are announced for the first time at their Barclay Villa wedding reception
groom and bride walking down the aisle after their wedding ceremony at The Highgrove
Bride and groom smiling as they exit through their sparkler exit at Rose Hill
Bride dancing with wedding guest with glow sticks at the Garden on Millbrook
Groom looking at brides big underwear during the garter removal at the Hudson Manor
groom trying to hold back tears during wedding ceremony at Church of the Body in Chapel Hill
Father of the bride dancing at Rose Hill with a funny T-shirt
groomsman and bridesmaid dancing widely on the dance floor
bride and groom kissing for the first time during their ceremony outside of Market Hall
bride and groom being lifted in chairs during their wedding reception.
Bride and groom dancing separately on the dance floor as the guest watch
groom smashing wedding cake in the brides face at River Ridge Golf Club
Groom carrying the bride through the bubble exit at night
bride and groom kissing during their bubble exit in Roanoke Rapids
groomsman doing a backflip during his intro to the wedding reception
black and white image of the bride and her father walking down the aisle as the church lady hides behind the bench to get out of the picture
Bride crying when seeing her father for the first time before the ceremony starts at Brier Creek Country Club
bride and her father crying as the sit beside each other on the porch at Cedar Grove Acres
Bride laughing as the groom has his head under her dress trying to remove her garter at their Hudson Manor wedding reception
Bride dancing to the time warp during her wedding reception at the stockroom

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