Bridal portraits are a popular southern wedding tradition, but it is not just for southerners. It no longer has to be shot in a studio (that is an option), but we can go to any location. Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to modern bridal portraits. We can shoot at your wedding venue; we can shoot at the coast, the mountains, or whatever you want. While not a “must have” for all brides, bridal portraits can play an important part in being relaxed on your wedding day.

Raleigh Bridal Portraits: Locations, Tips, and Sessions

I love shooting Raleigh bridal portraits because it’s an opportunity to let my creative juices flow. The goal is to capture the traditional, for mom, and the modern, for the bride. Once you look through my bridal portfolio, you will notice two things. One, I don’t always shoot at the same location. Two, I have a love for veils flying in the air, even if it’s in the middle of an indoor venue. After more than ten years of shooting and posing brides, I have learned what shoulder position, head tilt, lens choice, or stance is going to be most flattering. Here are some tips that you can do before and on the day of your bridal session.

The Right Person & Emotion.

One component brides don’t think of when it comes to their portrait session is, bringing the right person. Having someone at the portrait session that will make you comfortable and that can provide a laugh or a smile. For most brides posing for their portraits are not a stress-free affair, and that is entirely normal. Stepping into the wedding dress for the first time with jewelry, hair, makeup, and veil in place can be an emotional event. It is best to have loved ones close to you to share in those moments. I recommend to brides that they bring their mom or a friend to the portrait session.  Some brides bring their mother and the maid of honor. Others bring their entire entourage of twelve people, whatever you need to make you relaxed and confident.

Choosing your bridal portrait location in Raleigh

Most brides think that location is the key to great bridal portraits. While a great backdrop is part of the equation, it isn’t the primary component. The pose, the lighting, and emotion are the components that make a beautiful portrait. While not the number one part of a bridal session, proper consideration of the portrait location should not be taken lightly. You don’t want to shoot in the country if you are a city girl and vice versa. Some favorite outdoor spots are JC Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh Rose Garden, The North Carolina Museum of Art, etc.

Some of my brides opt to shoot their bridal portraits, not at their wedding venue. That’s when the fun begins, finding a location that will have a connection to the bride or match her personality. In the Raleigh area, the options are endless. The whole state of North Carolina makes for a great backdrop. We have historical homes, the open country, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, and the mountains. There is a location out there for you!

black and white Barclay Villa Bridal Portrait of a bride posing on the stairs with her reflection in the floor
Bride standing on a table at City Club Raleigh in downtown raleigh
Bride in a blue and white dress posing in a filed of broom straw with dark sky behind her
black and white bridal portrait of bride sitting in an antique chair
bride standing in front of old church ruins looking over her shoulder as her veil blows in the wind
Bride posing for her portrait at sunset with her veil blowing in the wind
Bride standing in the raleigh rose garden smiling while holding her bridal bouquet
bride sitting on the stone veranda on the back porch at the Manor at Carriage Farm posing for her Raleigh bridal portrait
bride smiling as she stands in front of The Hudson Manor with her veil blowing in the wind
full body bridal portrait against green leaf back drop at Chapel in The Woods in Louisburg NC
bride smiling at camera during her portrait session while sitting in a green chair
Bride posing in hallway of Duke Chapel for portrait
Bride posing for her raleigh bridal portraits in the white garden of JC Raulston Arboretum
Bride looking back over her shoulder in her bridal gown smiling
bride standing with her wedding gown spread around her in front of three mirrors
Black and white portrait of a bride looking at the camera from behind her veil
Black and white portrait of a bride looking through her veil
Bride leaning on a lounge chair smiling as she looks out a window at the Hudson Manor
bride smiling as she sits on an antique chair against a brown brick wall
Bride walking up stone steps looking over her shoulder as her veil blows behind her.
Bride in a field posing for her Raleigh bridal portrait as her veil blows in the wind behind her
bride standing with her hand on her hip as she smiles posing for her Raleigh bridal portrait
bride standing in front of a window admiring her bridal bouquet at the Landmark
Bride holding her bouquet smiling as her veil blows beside her.
Raleigh Bridal portrait on top of hill with dark blue sky behind the bride
Bride looking at lighting fixture while her floats in the air at City Club Raleigh
Bride taking fall bridal portraits in front of orange tree in the White garden at JC Raulston Arboretum
Bride standing in the drive way of the Manor at Carriage Farm posing for her bridal portrait
Bride sitting on the steps of the Manor at Carriage Farm with her legs crossed posing for her Raleigh bridal portraits
black and white image of bride looking out a window while she holds her bridal bouquet
bride dancing in her wedding dress on the road outside of Market Hall
Julie leaning against while column on the porch of the Hudson Manor with her veil blowing in the wind
bride sitting at the NCMA posing for her raleigh bridal portraits with a bouquet in her lap
Bride posing against one of the Rings at the NC Museum of Art

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