If your children are going to play dress up, let them play dress up!! These portraits are from a 2016 and 2017 collaboration with Wink Hair + Makeup out of Raleigh, NC. Kristi was the makeup artist for both shoots and Amy did hair styling and flower design for the 2016 look. The ladies of Wink are magicians with makeup and hair. Without their expertise, this shoot would have never gotten off the ground.

I was initially inspired to do this shoot with my daughters after seeing a portrait hanging in a house by a Wilmington artist whose name has escaped me. The hardest aspect about this shoot was not knowing how well my daughters would sit still for the hair and makeup, this being their first shoot. The Wink team made it a breeze, and my daughters had a fun time. Once the makeup was done the chore became to make sure they didn’t lick the makeup off.

What I enjoyed the most about this series is watching my daughter getting adjusted to the makeup process and then seeing themselves as the sugar skull for the first time. I will post in my blog one of the videos of my three-year-old getting her makeup done. If you would like to see more of Wink’s work, check out the Bridal Decrepitude portfolio.

Flowers donated by: North Raleigh Florist

(I let the flowers die some to achieve the desired look)

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