Eno River Bridal 2015

My first attempt at editorial photography. I probably should have gone for a more simple setting, but this was a go big or go home situation. Spending time at the Eno River as a child on Fourth of July celebrations, I had never thought of it as a shoot location and had not been back till 2015 for an engagement session. One of my couples wanted to shoot along the river and in an abandoned cabin off one of the hiking trails. That engagement shoot would lead to my Eno River bridal series

In 2015 I decided to shoot bridal portraits in the Eno River. Due to the nature of the shoot, no bridal gown company would lend me dresses. I asked around to friends to see if they had any wedding gowns they were willing to part with and after several weeks I was able to find five or six dresses. On a one hundred degree, hot summer day nine models, three assistants, and I went down to the Eno River and shot for six hours. The result was my first collaborative creative editorial project.

man standing in suit on the rocks at the eno river
woman in wedding dress laying back in the water as she poses for her eno river bridal portrait
woman laying across rocks at the eno river in her wedding gown
Eno River Bridal portrait of model holding her hair with her body submerged
model in bridal gown holding on to rocks while she is in a river
woman posing in her bridal gown at the eno river
bridal model standing in the middle of the Eno River
bridal model sitting on a rock in the eno river
bridal portrait of woman in the eno river holding on to rocks
red headed bride holding her dress out of the water while she is in the Eno River
Eno River Bridal Portrait with bride sitting on rocks at the waters edge
Eno River Bridal Portrait of bride siting in a small rapid of the river
woman in her wedding dress in the river
woman sitting on rock at the eno river in a wedding gown
model in a bridal gown looking off into the distance as she holds on to a rock in the middle of the Eno River
bridal model laying half in the water and half out of the water at the eno river
black and white image of a woman posing for her eno river bridal portrait
woman posing in the Eno river for her bridal portrait

Eno River Bridal 2016

Being a wedding photographer I am familiar with working with other wedding vendors to make the day go perfectly. I took that experience and transferred it to the collaborative projects. The next year I wanted to repeat the Eno River shoot. I wanted to bring in professional hair and makeup artist to take the look if the shoot to another level. The Eno river being a fairly remote location it took some searching to find the right team of artist to pull off the shoot. Take a look at 2016’s gallery.

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