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The Creative & Traditional

     The importance of family portraits cannot be overstated, they allow us to freeze time and capture families at a single moment. First of all, as a father, I know the saying “they grow up so fast” is right. We forget about the importance of taking family portraits. There can be so many excuses and reasons that get in the way: sports practice, work, exercise, shopping, etc. Being a father, I like to capture the sweet and the sad. As your photographer, I can do the same for you. I enjoy shooting the traditional/nontraditional portrait or doing lifestyle sessions for families. Almost as much as having a great portrait, having candid pictures of the family at different stages in life is a great way to keep those valuable memories and make them last a lifetime. As a Raleigh family photographer, my shoot locations range from your home, studio, or gardens.

     We aren’t creative or we are just simple people, are comments I get a lot. Simplicity makes portraits so easy and so much more relaxed. We don’t have to be posing in front of a classic car or in an elaborate garden. You can be sitting on a couch or just in your front yard. Being comfortable and relaxed are the elements that will make your family portraits truly special. 

     Check out my Raleigh family photography portfolio and let me know if you like what you see. I am always open to your ideas and suggestions when it comes to shooting your family.

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Father and son standing beside a green chevy belair
family holding hands and smiling for the camera in front of a water fountain with purple light
Raleigh family photography portrait in doors with a family of six sitting on a couch smiling
family posing in front of a Christmas tree being crazy except for the little boy and dad
Family poses with grandfather and dog at JC Raulston Arboretum
Raleigh family sitting in front of fire place smiling for camera
little girl playing multiple roles for her portrait in Chapel Hill NC
little girl playing in a bedroom in Chapel Hill North Carolina
family of five in a downtown alley in Raleigh posing for their portrait
Raleigh family portrait of a family posing on a rock dressed in black and white
a mother and daughter kissing with ivy around them
brother and sister sitting in fall leaves smiling or a Raleigh family portrait
black and white photo of mother and daughter smiling
little girl smiling as she hugs her mothers stomach along with her mother and fathers hand
family of three posing for a portrait with a pregnant mother in their backyard
black and white image of happy parents posing for a Raleigh maternity portrait
little girl smiling for a spring portrait in Raleigh
little girl sitting on a blanket with a John Deere tractor behind her
little boy sitting in a tub of water with limes and lemons
black and white image of a man putting his hands on a woman pregnant stomach
black and white image of father and mother holding their new born baby
Sisters hugging each other tightly as the pose for their Raleigh family photographer
Little girl destroys kitchen for Christmas photo
a man kissing his wife on the cheek as they hold hands and sit in a chair
mother and daughter sitting together smiling for their portrait in Raleigh
family portrait at sunset the father kissing the mother while three grown sons smile at camera
Family poses for very serious christmas picture in living room
husband and wife posing for a portrait with the wife hugging around the husbands neck
couple sitting on their back porch with their little dogs covered with a blanket
two brothers and sisters laying on blanket smiling for the camera over head
stereotypical American family portrait in front yard of family house
Family sitting on couch being silly for portrait
family grilling drinking and playing by pool
black and white photo of mother hugging and looking down at her daughter while the daughter looks back at her
future mother and father showing off their shoes and their soon to be babies shoes
Little girl dressed in airy pink gown while standing beside her horse
black and white image of a little baby looking at the camera
little baby sleeping in a basket while wearing a pink flower bow
newborn girl dressed in pink looking at the camera while laying down
family posed together for a family portrait at Duke Gardens in Durham
older couple posing for their sixtieth wedding anniversary portrait
baby boy sitting on a blanket looking away from the camera
Little blonde boy smiling very big for camera as his mother and father stand behind him
mother and father smiling and touching noses as the mother holds the baby
Family stands in field of straw smiling for camera
black and white image of a baby boy looking at the camera
father in a sweater holding his little baby while standing against a wall
family of four standing in a vineyard posing for a Raleigh family portrait
couple on a yellow bicycle kissing with a small tricycle behind the bike
Maternity portrait of shoes and years the parents and baby are born
husband and wife smiling at each other while the husband places his hand under the woman's stomach
there siblings smiling for their family portrait while standing in an open window
brother and sister making crazy faces with another brother that is just smiling
Raleigh maternity portrait of a pregnant blonde woman posing in a garden
Black and white portrait of a man holding his new born daughter in his arms
couple standing back to back posing for their Wake Forest maternity portrait
pregnant woman dressed in white posing for her Raleigh maternity portrait
little boy standing in his crib as his mother stands beside him smiling
woman posing with her pregnant belly dressed in a blue gown
little boy jumping with a cape on very happily
woman dressed in blue with her hands on her stomach posing for a maternity picture
little boy jumping off the ground with a green cape on
a little girl and boy running towards the camera as their parents smile behind them
dad grabbing after his little girl as she crawls away from him
a little girl and two boys leaning up against a John Deere tractor tire posing for a portrait
family posing for their Raleigh family photography portrait in their front yard with fall leaves around them
mother and daughters sitting together in front of a stone wall at the NC Museum of Art

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