Raleigh Engagement Photography

Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Today, engagement photography has become a staple in the wedding planning process. Some people call it a “trend,” and I think of a “trend” as a negative. With engagement portraits, it is taking your wedding photos to a new level. This portrait session allows you and your fiance to prepare for your wedding portraits properly. Most couples rarely have a photoshoot together outside of their wedding day. Having your wedding photographer helping you become relaxed in front of the camera, working on posing, and you get to see first hand how your photographer works. Raleigh engagement photography has no limits. I have had couples keep their portrait session as simple as a walk through the park and others shooting in three locations over a whole day.

Being Creative With Your Engagement Session

As with most of my work, I like being creative whenever possible. While wedding photographs can have a formal feel to them, engagement portraits have more freedom and creativity.  You can choose your wardrobe and locations(s). You can be casual or dressy. These are one-on-one portraits without all your guests and wedding party present. I tell my couples to choose a place that is significant to their relationship and then be yourselves. I use the engagement session as a learning experience for couples. First to help couples who have problems posing and second to help get rid of the camera or photography jitters. It is a mini glimpse into how the wedding day will be for you and your fiancé. Another perk from the engagement portrait session is that you have images to use for your save the date’s, wedding sign-in book, or to display at the reception.

Pets & Engagement Session Tips

Bringing your dog or other pet to the engagement session is always great for portraits. Things you should consider when including your pet in your portrait session:

  • Tell your photographer! While a photographer should be ready for anything, it is best to give them a heads up.
  • Make sure your shooting location allows for pets. Some Raleigh parks and gardens don’t allow pets.
  • Bring a wrangler! Make sure to bring a friend or family member to help with your pet during the session. Your pet probably won’t last the whole time. It’s best to have them at the start of the shoot and then have someone take them home. While wrestling a pet with your fiancé will make for some exciting images after about thirty minutes it can be exhausting.
  • Bring Treats!
  • Let’s be honest; when I say pets, I am talking about your dog. I have never had anyone bring a cat or a bird to their engagement portrait session. If someone wanted to, I would be all for it.
A couple kissing while the man holds a dog on a leash and the woman removes the mans hat

Some of my favorite Raleigh engagement photography spots:

JC Raulston Arboretum

The American Tobacco Campus

The NC State Fair

Anywhere in Downtown Raleigh


Wilmington River District

Kure Beach

bride and groom posing for their portrait at night at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham NC
couple hugging while standing in the Eno river at Fews Ford crossing
couple in JC Raulston Arboretum posing for their Raleigh engagement portraits
couple posing for night portrait in downtown raleigh
couple kissing in front of the waterfall at night at the NC State Fair
couple kissing in the woods at night with vintage christmas lights around their body
couple standing in tall straw while smiling at each other outside of MacGregor Downs
couple leaning against a graffiti wall in downtown raleigh posing for a portrait
Couple laughing together in a garden area of JC Raulston Arboretum
couple posing against barn doors while the man holds a chicken
woman getting kissed on the check under fire works at the NC State Fair
couple kissing on dock while woman flower crown flies off at the OBX
woman smiling as her fiancé kisses her at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham
NC State fan couple standing in for of Carter-Finley stadium while the woman grabs his butt posing for there Raleigh engagement photography
couple smiling at each other as they pose for their Raleigh engagement portrait
couple talking to each other on the parking deck of the American Tobacco Campus posing for their engagement session
couple sitting at the beach on green rocks leaning into each other
Couple sitting on docked sail boat at sunset in wrightsville nc
overhead shot of couple laying in grass posing for their raleigh engagement portraits
woman trying to dodge a kiss from her fiancé in front of green wall in durham
man kissing a woman on the forehead in front of some palm trees at JC Raulston arboretum
couple smiling at each other under a fir tree at JC Raulston arboretum
couple working out together in one of the Duke university work out rooms
silhouette of couple about to kiss at JC Raulston arboretum
woman sitting on her finances lap at Duke Gardens talking to each other
couple kissing under the overhang of a barn while it is raining cats and dogs

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