Why Your Guys Should Buy Suits Instead of Rent

groom adjusting custom jacket from Stitchings.co

Guys tend to be on the messy side, and when things are rented, it can cause extra stress. On your wedding day or even at your rehearsal dinner, things may be spilled, and messes may be made. However, to alleviate stress- buy suits instead of renting them.

Potential Fines

Whether you have little boys in suits or grown men, we all make messes. Spilled drinks, food, makeup, and a variety of other stains may get on your guys’ suits throughout the big day. When you’re renting suits, you may have the added stress of taking everything to the dry cleaners and hoping all these stain combinations come out in time to return them. However, when you have the guys buy their suits, not only can they reuse them again for other formal events, this stress is taken off of you.

Made to Measure

Not everyone is going to look their best in something that isn’t custom fit- some too long, some too broad, some too short, some too tall- it happens. Buying suits is an excellent way to ensure everyone will have a well-fitting suit, and it’s an even better option for grown men who may have many more formal events to attend. When everyone looks their best, it helps them feel their best which will boost the mood and positive energy on your big day. With spirits and energy lifted, everyone can have the best time at the wedding! A recent groom not only had his tailored suit, but he also had his jacket customized to match his style and personality. The images in this post are of my groom, Charlie, he had his jacket custom made by Stitchings.co. Go to their website and check out what they have to offer.

Value over Time

Buying suits is an incredibly smart option financially for men. Primarily, men around their 20’s to 30’s as their peak of attending formal events are coming. Buying a suit will help young men save money in the long run while looking your best. While fashion trends may change, a sharp looking suit paired with a nice pair of dress shoes never goes out of style!

When choosing whether to rent or to buy suits, these are just some key things to keep in mind. I recommend buying suits for these reasons, but the decision is up to you. So whether you buy or rent suits, we look forward to photographing you looking sharp on the big day!

groom adjusting custom jacket from Stitchings.co
groom adjust jacket
Groom leaning in gazebo adjusting his custom jacket at the hall and garden at landmark
Bride kissing the groom at night at the Landmark in Garner NC
bride and groom at their sparkler exit at the Landmark