Raleigh Wedding Portraits

This is the part of the wedding day that seems to worry and trouble both the bride and the groom. Who will pose us? How long will it take? We are so awkward!  Don’t worry I will take care of you! My job is to make every bride and groom as comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera as possible. When you look back on your portraits I want your thoughts to be on how easy it was and how relaxed you were. Even though the bride and groom worry about portraits, this is the my personal favorite part of the wedding day, when I get to make the bride and groom look their best.

As far the amount of time for portraits during the wedding day. No wedding is exactly like another. Wedding party size, family size, venue and ceremony site, and travel time are all factors that affect the schedule. I try to get as many formal portraits done before the ceremony that way after the ceremony we are knocking out family portraits as fast as possible and allowing you to enjoy part of your cocktail hour.

Wedding Day Portrait Tips

Some methods I use to make the wedding day portraits relaxed and feeling unobtrusive:

  • The First Look: This can be a controversial portrait time for a lot of brides and grooms. Do you have to do it? Absolutely not! Seeing each before the ceremony allows for a more relaxed schedule and makes for some great emotional portraits. It doesn’t have to be bride and groom first  look another popular option is bride and her father.
  • Stealing You:  This is usually during dinner time for either sunset or night time portriats
  • Use Every Moment: Over the years  I have learned that using every moment as a possible portrait session makes the day more relaxed. If we are traveling from one site to another or just sitting around waiting for the next planned activity, these make fore perfect impromptu portrait situations
Bride and Groom posing in front of barn to recreate American Gothic portrait
couple hugging and smiling in the gardens of The Hall at Landmark
bride kissing her groom on the cheek at sunset in a field
Couple leaning on each other after ceremony in a field in charleston SC

Candid Wedding PHotography

Capturing the moments of your day! Whether it’s a single tear, a backflip, or just dancing like no one is watching. These are the moments of silliness, of raw emotions, and of timelessness. I want my clients to look back on their wedding day pictures and see the moments they missed or the ones they didn’t even know happened. About eighty percent of the photos I shoot are candids, this allows for most of the day to be a natural outflowing of couples plans. These are the memories you will share with your loved ones for years to come. This page has some of my recent candid wedding photos.