group portrait of dancers throwing colorful flour into the air

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Color Flour Dance with Holly Springs School of Dance

Color Flour Dance

Capturing someone else being artistic and creative is a big part of why I love being a photographer. In past years I have had the opportunity to shoot several “Dust and Dance” series. The unpredictable factor of the flour and the great skill of the dancer create a visual explosion. Thinking I had exhausted the idea, Marilyn Chappell of Holly Springs School of Dance asked me about doing a colorful shoot to coincide with the school’s yearly theme.

True Colors – Marilyn Chappell

“We chose this year’s theme after such a tumultuous time I think we’ve all learned a lot about who we are and what matters most to us. Expressing ourselves in truthful ways seems like the best gift we can offer the world right now.”

Colorful Side

Running with their theme and some last-minute inspiration we created the following series in the dance school parking lot. Having the color added to the flour takes the movement of the dancer and the suspension of the particles in the air to a new level.

dancer bowing as she throws colorful dust behind her
dancer throwing her hair back making a rainbow arch of color
Two dancers on throwing colorful powder in the air as they dance
dancer tricking a pose as red flour falls on her
Dancer standing on one leg while throwing for the Color Flour Dance
dancer smiling as she throws colorful flour in the air
Dancer kneeling and throwing her hair back with colored powder in her hair
dancer with pink hair throwing flower in the air as she stands on one leg
dancer jumping in the hair surrounded by a cloud of color
dancer holding a pose as colored flour falls around her and on her
dancer throwing rainbow colored flour over herself and posing for the Color Flour Dance photoshoot
dancer supporting herself on one arm and one leg as she kicks other leg in the air
dancer in white jumping in the air with colored flour around her
dancer dressed in black jumping in the air posing for a color flour dance shoot

Making it Possible

A big “THANK YOU!” to the ladies of Springs Dance Company – Holly Springs School of Dance. They always go above and beyond to make each shoot perfect. Even when they don’t totally understand what the final image will look like. A dozen bags of flour, teamwork, and years of practice led to an amazing shoot.

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