Dance Portrait Portfolio

Dance photography started as a way to work on my creative work and never expected it to grow into what it is today. I approach each dancer as a unique individual, and their dance portraits will reflect that. I want to show off their uniqueness, creativity, talent, and daring. Dancers are athletes. Their pictures should show what their bodies can do. The human form captured while moving in mid-air can be an impressive sight. I prefer to capture movement rather than have my dancers sitting or just on point. The most celebrated dancer can be made to look talentless by poor photography, with my talent and the dancer’s talent, we will create great work.

For dancers looking to build their portfolios, I provide them with a visual resume. It can be a great addition to an admission application, even getting selected for your school, company, or team of your choice. Good photographs can be the difference between being seen for a part or glossed over.

dancer jumping in the air with her eyes closed and water coming towards her
dancer jumping in front of a painter background
dancer jumping in the air hugging herself as red water hits her body
dancer doing a split in the air
dancer flipping up side down in a white dress
dancer jumping and sticking a pose in mid air
black and white image of a group of dancers in mid-air posing for a dance portrait

Tips When Preparing for Your Photoshoot


Arrive early to give yourself time to relax and warm up. Mental and physical preparation is essential to achieve an excellent dance portfolio shoot. 

Concept and sample images (if you can) 

Take time to go over what you need and want out of the portfolio session. Making sure your photographer and everyone else involved has an understanding of your portrait goals. Preplanning posses and wardrobe make your shooting time flow easier. Having sample images of the concepts or poses will help the shoot stay on point. No matter how much planning goes into a shoot, having sample images always helps to state clear goals.


Every dancer is different. Who are you, as a dancer and as a person? An important question when deciding the look and style of your dance portfolio portraits. Do you want sophistication and elegance, playful and happiness, or seriousness and edge? Lighting, location, and styling are all significant considerations when planning your shoot. We have multiple studio options and onsite locations for your session.

Bring Help

Bringing a friend or family member to your dance shoot. Having a friend at your shoot can put you at ease, help tweak posing, or even be used throw fabric. 

two dancers in white dancing in a white room
a dancer jumping in the air towards the camera
dancer in a red leotard posing while holding a red cloth
three dancers surrounded by cloth above their heads in a black and white image
dancer in red outfit striking a pose against a white backdrop
actor portraying Herr Drosselmeyer for a Nutcracker Ballet Photoshoot
dancer in black on a white backdrop
dancer jumping in the air on a grey background
dancer posing in front of a neon pink backdrop
A dancer with a red balloon posing in an alley way
three ballerinas on a brick platform two are talking and the other is on point holding a balloon
black and white image of a ballerina posing for a dance portrait with a balloon
black and white picture of two dancers posing for a Dance Portrait
dancers in black leotards posing in a group against some green trees
Dancer with pink hair throwing colored powder into the hair on a black background
dancer in a train station posing for a portrait with her leg in the air
ballerina dancing in front of a black wall
ballerina on point holding a balloon in downtown raleigh
Silhouette dance portrait of a girl in air with a balloon against a blue sky
Silhouette dance portrait of a ballerina holding a balloon
dancer on point against a black and white background
a Russian dancer leaping in the air posing for a dance portrait
a ballerina in a gold dress jumping in the air in downtown Raleigh NC
caricature portrait of a ballerina in a red tutu with clown makeup on
dancer in a white gown covering half her face with her purple face
caricature of a ballerina in a white tutu looking annoyed

Make-up Artist?

I strongly recommend make-up for everyone. If you don’t hire one of my make-up artists, I cannot guarantee the results of your dance portrait shoot. Unless you or a friend is a professional make-up artist, you should hire mine. I have several recommendations for a make-up artist. You can follow the links below.

Krista Massey

Radiant Beauty by Ashley

Modern Alchemy

Alexis Ripley – Natural Canvas

Wink Hair+Makeup

Hair Art by Naomi

a dancer with clown makeup standing beside her self
dancer leaping in the air
salsa dancer posing in downtown raleigh for a dance portrait
black and white image of a ballet dancer stretching on weight lighting bars
a couple dancing the tango with their reflection on the ground
woman throwing flour in the air as she stands on point
dancer in mid air wearing white
woman throwing flour on the air as she is standing on point
double exposure of a dancer throwing flour in the air in a white room
woman dancing with her reflection in the floor in a white room
woman in a white room throwing her hair back with flour around her
Dancers throwing colored powder in the air will jumping
three dancers on a red back drop preforming a dance
split image of a dancer jumping in mid air in a red room
a woman in a red dress striking a pose for a dance portrait
black and white portrait of a dancer on rocks beside a river
dancer jumping in a black leotard while holding a black cloth
pixel stretch dance portrait of a woman leaping in the air
two people dancing the tango on a stone surface
dancer in a red dress jumping in the air
a woman in a blue leotard posing on a rock in the middle of the Eno River

Top Five Reasons to Choose Nieto Photography for Your Portfolio Shoot

1. Nieto Photography has over five years of experience shooting dance portfolios

2. You’ll get professional, high-quality photos ready to show schools or company directors.

3. Nieto Photography will guide you every step of the way

4. You have a choice of on-location or studio style portraits

5. It’s Going to be Fun!


Thank you for visiting my website and checking out my dance portrait portfolio. If you would like to see more of my work, click on the link to see more of my athletic portfolio.

If you are interested in booking your own dance portfolio shoot, I would love to talk to you about your ideas. Feel free to fill out my contact form. | (919)4955916