Amendola Family Cigars | Cigars and Ink

After working with Amendola Family Cigars for a few years at weddings and events. The owner, Jeff, being a big tattoo enthusiast and obviously a cigar lover, wanted to do a portrait series with people with “ink” and smoking cigars. I considered this a passion project for the company and wanted to give to make sure the images were second to none. But with any shoot it may sound easy on the outset but execution is another story. Finding just the right locations, people with tattoos and the ability to smoke a cigar. We shot in tobacco fields, junk yards, a brewery, and even the Eno river. These are some of the highlights from the series. 

man smoking cigar in a tobacco field while a plane flies over
man lighting an amendola family cigar with a blow torch in garage
woman smoking cigar while grinding metal in front of a dump truck
man smoking cigar as his wife talks to him at Neuse River Brewing company
tattooed man smoking cigar while totted woman kisses him
man smoking cigar and looking at the camera while his wife looks at him smiling
Heavily tattooed woman smoking a cigar in a tobacco field
tattoed model leaning on Volkswagen Karmann Ghia smoking cigar
woman smoking cigar in the eno river
tattooed man with shirt off grinding metal while smoking cigar
woman with half sleeve tattoo siting on a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia smoking a cigar
Tattooed man smokes cigar while woman leans on him
man with tattoo sleeve on arm smokes cigar
tattooed model leaning against a yellow Volkswagen Karmann Ghia holding a cigar
bearded man smoking an amendola family cigar in tobacco field
Man letting cigar smoke out of his mouth as he stands in a tobacco field
Tattooed woman grinding metal while smoking cigar
man looking at camera smoking cigar while a plane fly low behind him in a tobacco field